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When you click on a service that you wish to set-up or edit, the Advanced menu option contains all the advanced options for that service.  

These include:

  • setting a service timeframe

  • adding a resource option for adding to the planner for daycare or boarding

  • making a service active or inactive

  • options to hide the service 

  • admin options for the service

  • managing options for clients to request or cancel the service

  • adding timeblocks to provide clients with times to select for their service to be delivered


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Service Item Timeframe >

How to apply a timeframe within which staff can complete their scheduled jobs.


Service Item Resource Cost >

Pet Sitter Plus allows you to show service items in the Planner to help with scheduling dogs to pet sitters and prevent double-booking. 

Active / Inactive Service Items >

Services that are no longer offered can be removed from various lists, reports and the portal by making them inactive.

Hide Service Items in Schedule >

This option is for hiding services that you wish to show on the client invoice, but not in the schedule. 


Show Service Items in Portal >

This option allows your clients to request services from the online client portal.

Internal Service >

Making a service item an Internal Service will hide it from the schedule in the client portal.


Key not needed >

For services where a key is not required to trigger the alert i the Jobs Requiring Keys report.


Ignore Service Start >

A setting to prevent some internal services from triggering the billing cycle.


Job Request Time Constraint >

You can prevent clients from booking services online within a time limit that you choose.


Job Cancel Time Constraint >

You can prevent clients from cancelling services online within a time limit that you choose.


Service Item Time Type >

Choose whether you want to allow clients to specify a time that they want the service to take place. Learn how to control client expectations with different time types, including time blocks.

Service Item Default Time >

How to apply a default time to your service item.



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