To enable your clients to access the Pet Sitter Plus Client Portal to view their account information, you need to provide them with:

  • the web site address (URL) for your business's portal

  • the client's unique 10 digit ID (optional). Your clients can log on to the portal using either the same email address as you have on their client data screen or their unique 10 digit account number.


How do I Email the Client Portal URL to Existing Clients?


Navigation: CLIENTS > EMAIL tab


There is a standard template within your Pet Sitter Plus called "Welcome email" which contains the merge codes for the URL and Client ID, as shown in the screen shot below. As with all the standard templates, you can edit this template to suit your requirements.


  • Click the checkboxes alongside the clients you want to send the URL to.

  • Select the email template you wish to send - in this example we are using the "Welcome email" template

  • Click "Email Clients"

If you use this template for sending an email to your clients, then the information they need to log onto the client portal will appear in their email, as shown in the screen shot below.

Please see the Email Templates help for more information on creating, amending and using email templates.

You can also use the merge codes for the portal URL and client ID in any of your other Pet Sitter Plus templates. The merge codes are:

  • {CLIENT_PORTAL_URL} - this merges the URL for your business's client portal with your client's unique id appended to the link.

  • {CLIENT_ACCOUNT_NUMBER} - this merges your client's unique 10 digit ID into your email.

Please refer to How do I use Merge Codes for a list of other merge codes available and information on how to use merge codes in your templates.