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Navigation: ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings from the sub menu

Pet Sitter Plus provides you with the option to require your clients to "agree" to your Terms and Conditions prior to using the Client Portal to make online bookings.

  • Please note that if your client does not use the Client Portal, they will not have seen, nor will they have been asked to sign any terms and conditions.

  • If you, the administrator of Pet Sitter Plus, have created an account for your client manually, that is by inputting their data into Pet Sitter Plus to create an account on their behalf, then when your client logs into the account that you create for them, they will not be shown, nor will they be asked to accept any terms and conditions that you enter here.

  • This function enables clients to view and accept terms and conditions (that you enter here) only if they use the online client registration system as supplied by Pet Sitter Plus.

  • Pet Software Ltd does not warrant that the functionality set out on this page would provide a legally binding proof of signature. We strongly recommend that you separately obtain legally binding signed terms and conditions documentation from your clients by other means.

How do I add my Terms and Conditions?

  • Scroll down to the panel "Terms and Conditions" near the bottom of the screen.

  • Paste your current Terms and Conditions text in this panel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you have proof read CAREFULLY to ensure you have the final correct version pasted here.

  • Click "Update" to save. This will then activate the terms and conditions in the Client Portal.

NOTE: EVERY TIME you update your Terms and Conditions here, ALL your clients will be required to "agree" AGAIN to them.