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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > click "Settings"

How does a Client Register a New Bank Account?


  • Click the option "+ Add new bank account"

Before a client can register a bank account, they must authorize your business to electronically debit or credit an account.


  • Check the box by the authorization statement

  • Click "Add Bank Account"

A screen will be displayed with a number of "quick links" to adding bank accounts from several major banks in the US, with the option to click "View More" at the bottom of the screen to see the remaining banks.


  • Click the client's bank. They will be invited to sign in using their unique ID and passcode.

  • Once through security they can link their account to Pet Sitter Plus.


NOTE: If your client's bank is not on the list, your client can easily Add a Bank Account using Verification through Micro Payments