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Navigation: To access an INVOICE either go to

  • INVOICING > UNPAID INVOICES > Click on an invoice number

  • INVOICING > INVOICES > Click on an invoice number


By default, Pet Sitter Plus will allocate a tip pro-rata between the sitters who undertook the work that has been invoiced to the client. If you want to change the emphasis of how the tip has been allocated, eg. if the owner did the weekend overnights they might decide not to keep any of the tip for themselves and give it all to the weekly sitter, you can do this too.


Note: Tip allocation can be changed at any time after a job has been invoiced and the client has paid. However, it is good practice that after you have run your compensation and tip report and paid your staff, you SHOULD NOT make any changes to tip allocation, as this will then not reflect a true picture of how much your staff received in tips. 

How do I Change the automatic allocation of a Tip?

  • To re-allocate the tip, click "Tip" from the sub menu on an invoice


You can see how the tip has been allocated pro-rata between the sitters who undertook the work on the order.


The note that the client left with the tip is shown in the invoice details.

  • To re-allocate the amount, click in the amount panel and change it. It must be equal to the total tip amount. 

  • You can also change the sitter name eg. it might be you share a team's tips equally even if they haven't serviced that particular client.

  • You can "add" another sitter to share in the tip by clicking "Add Row" and choosing another sitter from the drop down list

  • When you are finished, click "Submit"

The Tip Report will then reflect your changes. See REPORTS > TIPS REPORT for further details.