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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel 

When your client has submitted a Job Request to you, they may quickly change their mind about their online booking and want to cancel it BEFORE you have scheduled the job. Pet Sitter Plus allows the client to cancel their job request in the client portal even though they have already submitted their request.


Note: If you have already scheduled the job, then there is a different procedure for cancelling the service. See How Does a Client Cancel a Scheduled Job? for more information.

How does a Client Cancel their Online Booking when it is still a Job Request?


  • In the Schedule, navigate to the month then day of the requested job.

  • Click the day where the job has been requested to happen. You can identify "requested" jobs from "scheduled" jobs, as they have "REQ:" before them. 

  • A screen will be displayed showing details of all services booked or requested for that day.

  • Click the "cancel" button next to the job request to be canceled.

  • The client will be asked to confirm whether they want to cancel the job request or not as shown in the screenshot below.

  • Click "Yes, cancel job request" to proceed with the cancelation OR click the "close" button if it is a mistake and they want to exit the cancelation process.


There are a number of notifications that are triggered with the software when a job request is canceled.

  • The client will be sent an email automatically to confirm their canceled job request.

  • You will receive a CC email to your company admin inbox as well

  • A notification will appear on your HOME screen notifying you that your client has canceled the job request.

  • A notification will also appear in the clients LOGS where the date and timestamp of the job request cancelation is recorded.


This can be helpful to make sense of why a job request seems to "disappear" from the job request processing screen and it may have been missed that the client has canceled it before you have had a chance to schedule it.

Some clients may cancel a job request in error as well, and this notification is important to give the client the exact time and date it was canceled.