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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel 

When your client follows the procedure for making an online booking and selects the dates and services they wish to book, it is essential that they click the button "SUBMIT NOW' to complete their job request.

What happens if a Client Forgets to Submit their Online Booking?


As a safety measure to ensure that no pets are ever left without care, there is a procedure for "auto-submitting" a job request that has apparently been forgotten to you. You can set the amount of time that will elapse prior to the online booking being sent through to your admin email automatically by navigating to ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings > and setting the time for "Auto submit outstanding requests after (hours)".


If a client forgets to click "Submit Now", the jobs will remain in their client portal as "unsubmitted job requests".


  • A warning  appears across the top of the portal screen reminding the client they have unsubmitted job requests.

  • After 24 hours (or whatever time interval you set), the jobs will be sent to you as a job request and identified as an "Auto-submitted" request.

  • You can then communicate with your client to check whether they didn't make their online booking and intended to book but forgot, or whether they made a mistake and should have canceled their booking.

The screenshot below shows the warning that appears at the top of the client portal screen when clients have "unsubmitted job requests".