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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > Your Data

NOTE: CUSTOM FIELDS may change the appearance of this section in PSP.

Photos and Documents can be downloaded from any of the tabs on both the client record and pet record, provided you have set up and enabled a custom field to allow this.


Various file formats may be present, and a maximum file size of <15Mb will be possible:

  • TIFF

  • JPEG

  • PNG

  • PDF

  • DOC

  • DOCX

  • XLS

  • XLSX

  • TXT

  • similar filetypes to the above are acceptable


How does the Client Download a Photo? 


  • To download a photo, simply "right+click" on the mouse on the photo and save the image to the computer.


How does the Client Download a Document? 


  • Click on the link by the description of the document to be downloaded.

Here is an example of the "Key Release Form" that was downloaded from the client portal.

NOTE: Custom Fields enables our pet sitting companies to create and develop their own environment within the CLIENTS & PETS pages in YOUR DATA within Pet Sitter Plus. This means that where your admin has introduced custom fields that are unique to your business, certain fields on our help screens may not look exactly the same as yours. We therefore can only provide explanations and descriptions of our standard system fields, and recommend you see your admin for more information.


If you wish to change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields for more information.