How do I Check my Stripe account Email settings?

To do this:

  • Log into your Stripe account (via with the username and password you set up when you opened your account with Stripe. NOTE: this is likely to be different to your username and password for Pet Sitter Plus.

  • Click the option in the menu on the left for "Business Settings"

  • Check the box for "Successful payments" to enable Stripe to send email receipts to your clients when a successful payment is made.

  • Check the box for "Refunds" to enable Stripe to send an email to your clients when a refund is made.


How do I Customize my Emails?


  • Hover the mouse over the "Icon" to include your business logo on the emails.

  • You can also set an index colour that matches your business logo color scheme.

  • Click "Send test email" to see how your email will look to your clients.


  • An example of how the email might look to your client is included below.