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Some businesses prefer to learn Pet Sitter Plus for a period of time before they give their existing clients access to the client portal, while others decide to offer online booking straight away. Also many businesses prefer to create a new client record themselves rather than asking new contacts to "register". 


  • Once a client record has been created, you will need to follow this process for giving your existing clients (clients for whom a client record has already been created in your system) access to the client portal.

  • They will need to create a password to gain access to their account information in your Pet Sitter Plus client portal. Each client who wishes to access the portal only needs to do this once. After that, they can just follow the link to the portal (from your email or a bookmark) and enter their password - although there is an option "Forgotten Password" which they can choose if they cannot remember their password.

Your clients will need two pieces of information to access the client portal:

  • the web link (URL) for the portal for your business

  • their Client Account Number - a 10 digit number which is unique to a client or the email address which you have on the client data screen in PSP - the email address of your main contact.


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