Once you have installed a button on your website with a link to your online registration page, then new clients can simply click this to start the registration process.


Online registration enables new clients to enter their contact, pet and routine data at their own convenience and saves you time keying in this information. NOTE that this feature is for clients with whom you do not yet have a business relationship and for whom you have not yet created a client record in Pet Sitter Plus - your new client will be created automatically in PSP as part of the process described below.


  • Assuming you have made a button or link available on your website then your client simply needs to click this link to activate the registration process.

  • A screen will be displayed in the client's browser requesting their email address, as shown in the screenshot below.

  • When the client enters their email address and clicks "Register", the screen shown below will be displayed, confirming that an email will be sent to them containing a link to enable them to continue with their registration.


An example of the email is shown in the screenshot below - this validates the email address and ensures the client has access to the account.

When the new client clicks the link in this email, a browser screen will be displayed to enable them to continue their registration by entering their names, entering and confirming their chosen password, and agreeing to your terms and conditions, as shown in the screenshot below.

NOTE: If your terms and conditions do not appear on this screen, then you have not entered/pasted them into Client Portal Settings - please refer to the Client Portal Settings help for information on this.

Once these details have been entered, a further screen will be displayed confirming that registration has been successful and, if you have set up a welcome message to appear on this page, the text of your message will be displayed here - an example is shown below.

If you have not set up a welcome message but would like to do so, please refer to Client Portal Settings Text After Successful Registration Help for more information.

  • When your new client clicks the green "Complete Registration" button on the above screen, they will be taken to the "Your Data" section of your Client Portal, where they will be able to input further details about themselves and their pet(s) and take advantage of all of the other features you offer in your portal.

  • Once registration is complete you, as administrator, will be informed by email that a new client has registered and this information will also appear in the notifications section of your HOME screen.

  • A client record for the new client will be created in your Pet Sitter Plus database and populated with the information that the new client has entered during and after their registration.