< Online Booking < How do I Enable my Clients to Book Online through the Portal?




Navigation: ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings from the sub menu

The ability for clients to make online bookings and request services is by default "allowed" in your client portal settings.


If for some reason this option has been unchecked, you will need to re-check it if you would like to offer this option.


  • Look at the option to "Allow clients to request jobs" in the "Client Portal Settings" 

  • If this box is UNchecked, check it again

  • Click "Update"


When you now go into the client portal, the option to cancel a job from a client's schedule is now available.


Secondly, you need to identify which of your service items you want to appear on the list your client sees when requesting a service from the portal - check the "Show in Portal" box on the Advanced tab of each service item (eg: 30 Minute Dog Walk) you want to be listed here. You can do this in Pet Sitter Plus ADMIN - see Advanced Service Attributes for more help.

Navigation: ADMIN > SERVICES > then click Advanced from the sub menu


  • Click on the service item you wish to make available

  • Click the "Advanced" sub menu

  • Check the box for "Show in Portal"

  • Click "Update"


Follow this procedure for every service item you want clients to be able to book online through the client portal.