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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > Account Summary

Tips can be added by the Client when they go into their Client Portal. Once an invoice for a service has been raised, it appears on the Account Summary screen, and it is at this point that a tip can be added.

The method your clients use to leave tips will firstly depend on how you process your invoicing and payments through Stripe or ACH. 

So most likely follow one of the following methods, either:

a) raise an invoice at the end of the month, then take payment automatically after a few days


b) raise an invoice at the end of the month, then wait for your clients to pay the invoice through the client portal

c) raise an invoice at the end of the month and take payment automatically immediately through Stripe, OR 

d) you may receive tips left as cash or a check for the sitter. This is handled differently to the automatic method, and you should refer to How do I Add a Cash or Check Tip? for more information.

  • If you use method a) or b) you will be able to use this method for clients to leave a tip.

  • If you use method c) you won't be able to allow the client to add a tip, as there needs to be a time gap between raising the invoice and taking the payment to allow the client time to add the tip in the client portal. If you would like to change your invoicing method to a), you will need to provide your clients with the option to go into the client portal after they have received their invoice and leave a tip.

How does a Client Leave a Tip? 


  • From the Account Summary screen, and BEFORE the client clicks "Pay Now", they can click the Tip pencil icon to enter a tip.

  • Options appear which allow the client to either pay a percentage of the total invoice amount, or enter their own amount in the "Other" option.

  • A personal note can be added below, eg. "Please share between my sitters" or "Great job everyone".

  • Click "Update Tip" to save.

  • The tip amount is displayed, and the total amount due from the client is increased to include the tip amount.

  • The client can now either:

    • Leave the payment to be taken automatically by the Admin if that is the process you follow, OR

    • click "Pay Now" to enter their payment card details and pay the bill, then click "Submit Payment".

Can I still allow Clients to Leave a Tip if I don't use Stripe?

Yes, you can. It's not such an automatic process as if you were using Stripe, but we have a workaround which some clients use, and this works for them quite successfully.

See Other Methods of Tipping for more information.