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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel 

When your client clicks the "Request Services" button from any screen in the client portal, the online booking screen shown below will be displayed.

Note that if you are operating on a 24 hour clock you will not see the AM or PM buttons. See Time and Date Formats for further information on this topic.


How does a Client Request a Service?


  1. Click on each date they want to request the service for - each date will turn orange when selected. If they want to de-select a date, click on it again in the calendar or click the red cross next to the date in the "Dates Selected" section of the screen. To de-select all dates selected in your calendar, click "clear all dates".

  2. Select the service they want to request from the dropdown list. The list will only show services which you've marked "Show in Portal" on the advanced tab of the service item. See Advanced Service Attributes for more information on this. Select a time of day. Don't forget to check AM or PM if you're operating on a 12 hour clock.

  3. Enter a note if they wish - for example, their preferred walker.

  4. Click "Add To Request"

  • If they want to add further services for the same date(s) then select their next service, choose the time, enter a note if they wish and click "Add To Request" to add these to the list for submission.

  • If they want to add further services for different dates before submitting their request, they must click "clear all dates" before selecting the additional dates, otherwise the services they have just added will be duplicated in the list for submission.

  • If they change their mind, clicking the "Clear All/Start Again" option will remove all jobs from the request.

  • Clicking the "notes" icon will show any notes that were added to the request.

  • Clicking the red "X" or "clear" icon will delete the job from the request.

  • When the online booking is complete, click "Submit Now" to send the Job Request.