Online Booking with Access to Client Data and Account Information


The web address for all Pet Sitter Plus client portals is in the format The XXXX section of the address is unique to your business and is a 4 digit code followed by the name of your company - all in lower case and without spaces and other punctuation.

If you log onto your Pet Sitter Plus system in the usual way, your home screen will look something like that shown in the screenshot below.

In this example:

  • the name of the business is Support Pet Sitters LLC 

  • the XXXX is 0001supportpetsittersllc

  • the full URL of the client portal is
  • append "/register" to this for your online registration page - so the full url of your online registration page is





DO NOT send your clients any information that contains the above URL address
"0001supportpetsittersllc" or any other URL for Pet Sitter Plus that is not the one we have provided you with.


If you do, and they start using this URL to access Pet Sitter Plus believing that they are logging into YOUR client portal, we will not be able to transfer these new clients to your system.