You will be notified by Pet Sitter Plus in two ways.


1. From whichever screen you are viewing in Pet Sitter Plus, you will see the red indicator icon with a number in it when it appears above the HOME tab.

  • The number represents the total of:

    • changes to data made by your clients in the portal, and

    • jobs cancelled from the client portal since you last viewed your HOME screen, and

    • any new clients that have registered.

  • Click the red indicator icon to view the HOME screen or click on the HOME tab.

  • Once you are viewing the HOME screen, the red indicator icon will disappear.

  • By scrolling down the list of notifications, you can view all the changes your clients have made.

  • The "new client" notification informs you that the client Sarah Mayo has registered on a particular date.

  • You can quickly access her account by clicking on the ID No.

2. You will receive a notification email to your company email address as set in Company Information. Below is an example of how this email might look.