Online Booking provides your client with the facility to request that one or more services is scheduled for them in Pet Sitter Plus. 


  • You can choose whether to make Online Booking – or the "Request Services" feature – available to your clients or not on a system-wide basis. If you do make online booking available in your portal, then it will be available to ALL clients who have access to the portal.

  • You can choose which services your clients are able to request from the portal - for example you may want them to be able to request a dog walk or home visit but not an overnight service.

  • When your clients request a service from the portal, it is a request only - it will NOT be scheduled in Pet Sitter Plus until you take action to do so. This gives you the opportunity to review the request and ensure it is assigned to the appropriate staff member for the job before saving it to your diary and confirming acceptance to your client.

You can read more about what your client can do in the "Client Schedule" option in the client portal.


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How do I enable my Clients to Book Online through the Portal? >

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How will I know when my Clients have made an Online Booking? >

Explains the notifications you will receive to inform you of the services that the client has requested.


What do I need to do to Schedule Job Requests into my Diary/Schedule? >

Once you have received a job request, there are actions you need to take to schedule the jobs into the diary and a service order, in order that a quote and then invoice can be sent to your client.


How does a Client Make an Online Booking with Request Services? >

Explains the procedure a client would need to follow to make an online booking through the client portal.