Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > click "Settings"


You will need to set up your payment credentials for Stripe prior to your clients being able to link their bank account to Pet Sitter Plus. An explanation of how this function works can be read here What is ACH with Plaid?. Once you understand how this system works, you will need to Set Up your Stripe Credentials to enable this functionality.


Once your payment credentials are set up correctly, your client will be able to:

  • add their bank account, either by using one of the quick links to the 14 major banks, or

  • add their bank account through micro payment verification

  • set a default bank account for payments

  • delete a bank account



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What is ACH with Plaid? >

An introduction to the ACH (Automated Clearing House) electronic network for financial transactions in the US, and how clients can link their bank account to Pet Sitter Plus enabling you to take payments directly from their account.


Setting your Stripe Credentials >

Learn how to set up your payment credentials to enable you to use ACH with Plaid to link to your clients' bank accounts.


Adding a New Bank Account >

Explains how your clients can add a new bank account to Pet Sitter Plus.


Adding a Bank Account using Verification through Micro Payments >

Explains the process of adding a bank account manually using micro payment verification.


Deleting a Bank Account >

See how a client can delete their bank account from their Pet Sitter Plus client account.


Setting a Default Bank Account >

If more than one bank account has been registered, find out how to set a default account for payments to be taken from.