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If you have not yet set up your Stripe Payment Credential, you can learn how to do this in Applying for a Stripe Account.


How do I set up Pet Sitter Plus to Default All Client's accounts to pay via Stripe?


If you want all your clients to be able to pay with Stripe then all your clients will need to have their Payment credentials set to Stripe.


You can do this by using the “Default” option.


  • Click “Default”

  • Choose “Stripe” from the dropdown

  • Click “Update”

Set All to Default


Using the “Default” option (see previous screen) will only change the value of Payment Credentials to Stripe if it was previously “not set”. If some or all of your clients have their Payment Credential already set (for example maybe you were previously using PayPal), you can force all previous settings to the new default by using the “Set all to Default” option.


  • Click “Set all to Default”

  • Click “OK – Set to default for all clients.

How do I set up an Individual Client to pay via Stripe?


To enable a client to use Stripe to pay their invoices with a stored credit / debit card:


  • Navigate to your Client

  • Click “Settings”

  • Change the Payment Credentials to “Stripe”

  • Click “Update”


Setting the Payment Credentials to "Stripe" means that your client has access to the “Pay Now” functionality in the client portal so that they can pay with a credit / debit card.

By clicking “Settings” your client is able to add as many credit / debit cards as they like to their client portal account.


All cards are stored on Stripe’s PCI compliant secure servers.



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