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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel

What do the functions mean on the Schedule screen? 


  • Below is an explanation of how to navigate through the schedule screen:

    • Clicking either "Day" or "Month" will change the calendar view OR

    • Click the link "Go to Today" to jump to the calendar for today's date OR

    • Click on any day to jump to that day's schedule

  • Note: Any jobs that have the prefix "REQ:" indicates an online booking for a requested job that has not neen scheduled as yet.


  • Below is an example of the schedule screen on a "day" view

  • You can navigate in the same way as on the "Month" screen blicking the forwards and backwards arrows to go to another day

  • A description of each scheduled job can be seen, with the name of the assigned sitter and the scheduled time - or timeblock - that the job is due to take place

  • If you have allowed clients to cancel jobs from the portal, a "cancel" button will be visible by any current or future schedule jobs that are yet to take place.

  • NOTE: You can set your system to only allow clients to cancel jobs within a given timeframe, for example, you can stop clients from being able to cancel jobs within 24 hours of the scheduled time. This means the client has to get in touch personally for a late cancelation and you may then decide to levy a late cancelation charge at your discretion.