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Tipping is an important part of American and Canadian life. Enabling your clients to leave a tip increases client satisfaction and also provides an important source of additional income for your sitters.

While it has always been possible to leave a tip when a client books services in their online account, it is now possible for clients to leave a tip when paying for services with debit/credit cards or ACH.

This introduces another important opportunity to offer your clients the opportunity to tip and ultimately will further increase tip payments to your staff.

Clients can also leave notes to say who they would like their tip to go to.



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Tips Settings >

To use the tipping function automatically within Pet Sitter Plus it must be set up correctly.


How does a Client Leave a Tip? >

Find out how your clients can add a tip to an invoice before it is paid in the Client Portal.


Taking a Tip Payment via Stripe or ACH >

Once your clients have had a few days to add any tips to their invoices you will need to run your bulk invoicing report and take payments for the total invoice amounts, including tips.


Allocating a Tip >

For invoices where there was more than one sitter carrying out the work and included in the tip, you may need to make some adjustments to the tip allocation.


Viewing the Tips Report >

At the end of the week or month when you pay your staff, you will need to run the Tip Report to get the total amount of tips due.


How do I Pay my Staff their Tips? >

Find out how to combine the totals from the Tip Report to the totals from the Compensation Report.


Other Methods of Tipping >

For clients that do not use Stripe or ACH for automatic payments, you can still provide a method for your clients to pay tips to your staff. Also find out how to enter these tips into Pet Sitter Plus and how to ensure they are included in the Compensation Report.