The simple answer is "Yes - they can".


  • The method you can implement is to create one or more "tip" service items.

  • Tips can be "booked" under "Request Services" by clients through the client portal in the same way they would book a dog walk for example.

  • The tip should ideally be booked AT THE SAME TIME as the service, making it easier to manage and give you a better idea of which service the tip refers to.

  • If you allow clients to book AFTER the service has taken place, you may have difficulties matching the tip with the service it was for, so this could make admin more prone to errors.

It would probably be beneficial to inform your clients of the method you want them to follow to make it easy to understand for everyone.

How do my Clients leave a tip online?

The first step is to create some "tip" service items that can be used as suggestions for how much the client might want to tip, in round figures.

Below are some ideas for how you might approach this. One of our clients has used a more humorous approach to encouraging its clients to leave a tip, and has apparently been very successful!

They created tips for $5, $10, $15 etc and made them available in the client portal for clients to "book". Instead of adding them to the service item group for "Admin", they created a new group called "TIP YOUR WALKER! : )" as this title shows up in the Client Portal dropdown so the client will read it. 

See Adding a New Service for further information on setting up service items if you need more help.


Navigation: ADMIN > SETTINGS > Client Portal Settings

Ensure you have the correct settings so your services show in the Client Portal. See Tips Settings for more information.

Navigation: ADMIN > SERVICES > SERVICE ITEMS > Advanced

Next, you need to ensure the services have the correct settings so that they appear on the order and the quote/invoice, but don't show up on the Schedule.

  • Choose the "General" setting on the central panel, and ensure the compensation is set to always be "100%".

  • In the "Advanced" setting, make sure "Hide in Diary" is checked and "Show in Portal" so clients will be able to view and add the tip.​​



When your client adds a tip in the client portal, you will receive it in a Job Request together with the service to be booked, and the client will be emailed a copy of the request.

  • Once you are happy that the job can be scheduled, select ALL of the items, and click "Schedule Jobs..."


The client will receive a confirmation email which shows that the tip has been included in their booking.


Navigation: CLIENTS > ORDERS

Once the job request has been scheduled, you can see that the tip has been added with the job, and the full tip amount (less tax) has been allocated to Yvette.

  • Click "Send Quote/Invoice"


When the invoice has been raised, the client can then pay the full amount​ of the jobs plus the tip. At this point, you can the pass the tip on to your staff member.