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Tipping is an important part of American and Canadian life. Enabling your clients to leave a tip increases client satisfaction and also provides an important source of additional income for your sitters.

While it has always been possible to leave a tip when a client books services in their online account, we haven't previously documented the method for approaching this, and here are our suggestions. These can be amended if you wish to suit your own practices and currency.

It introduces another important opportunity to offer your clients the opportunity to tip and ultimately will further increase tip payments to your staff.

Clients can also leave notes to say who they would like their tip to go to.



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I Don't Use Stripe. Can my Clients Still Leave a Tip Online? >

Your clients can be offered the option to add a tip in various amounts when they are booking their services, even if you do not offer Stripe as a payment method. 

This describes the method that you can follow, and you will probably need to highlight the option to your clients so they know it is there and how to use it.


How do I Add a Cash or Check Tip? >

Explains a method that can be used to record any tips received externally within Pet Sitter Plus for accounting purposes, and for recording the distribution to staff of all tips within the Compensation Report.

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