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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel > click "Settings"

If the client's bank was not on the list of "quick links" when they tried to add their account, they can follow this 2-step verification procedure to add their account manually.


It takes a few days as it relies on the client entering amounts from some micro payments that will be deposited into their bank account. However, the end result is exactly the same and their bank account link will operate in exactly the same way once the registration process is completed.


Step One: How does a Client Register a New Bank Account manually?


  • Click the option "+ Add new bank account"

Instead of completing the authorization request here, the client should:


  • click the link below "add your account manually"

They are now ready to enter their account details. However, before a client can register a bank account, they must authorize your business to electronically debit or credit an account.


  • Complete the bank account details in the panels provided

  • Check the box by the authorization statement

  • Click "Add Bank Account"

Step Two: Completing the verification process


A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen, stating that the bank account has been added. To complete the 2-step verification process:


  • Read the information provided in Step 2

  • Click the link to complete the "payment sources" micro payment amounts

  • Enter the amounts from the client's bank statement into the panel provided

  • Click "Verify"


The bank account is now registered and can be selected as the default account for payments to be taken from, or the account can be deleted.