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Navigation: Click the link "go to portal" from any Client's blue snapshot panel

Check-in & check-out times for a job will be shown on the job screen in the portal, if you have enabled the GPS Check-in/Check-out feature AND you have made the Check-in/Check-out data available to your clients in the portal.


How does a Client View Check-in and/or Check-out Data? 


  • From the Schedule view, click on the day and job that you wish to view the check-in and check-out data for.

  • The check-in and/or check-out times are displayed in green text, under the job description.

  • To see the GPS location for when the time was logged, click on the green "location marker" situated directly after the time entry.

  • A map will open in a new browser window highlighting the exact GPS location of the sitter when they checked-in which should usually be the client's home address.