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How do I know if a Card Payment has Failed ? 


After you have run your bulk invoicing and Pet Sitter Plus has tried to take automatic payment from your client's cards, the following will happen if the card is declined:


  • If a card payment fails then details of the failed payment will be displayed in a yellow panel on the screen, as shown in the screenshot below.

  • The invoice will remain in our "unpaid invoices" list until the payment has been successful.

  • You can notify your client using an email template for "Card Declined", and here is an example message that you could use:

"We tried to take payment for your invoice today but we received the error message “Your Card was Declined”. This message could mean a number of things for example:

•    There may be insufficient funds in your account

•    The bank may have refused payment due to incorrect or overzealous anti-fraud measures

•    There may be something wrong with your card

•    Your card may have expired


To ensure that your invoice is paid without delay, please can you add funds to your account so that we can collect your payment or change your card details or contact your bank as required.


If you need to change your card details please do the following;

•    Login to your client portal

•    Click on the "Settings" tab

•    Click “View/Edit Cards and Bank Accounts” to access your stored card

•    In this section you can delete your old card and enter a new one


We will try to collect your outstanding payment again tomorrow. Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulty.


We look forward to receiving your payment and to serving you in the future.

Why does a Card Payment Fail? 


There are a number of reasons why a request for a payment is declined, but the reason for failure is not always provided by the banks/card providers and, if it is, it does not always adequately describe the cause of the problem. For example, an error message "Insufficient Funds" could mean exactly that - there are insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment. However, it could be just a generic error message indicating that the payment could not be fulfilled, for example because the card in question had been stolen and therefore canceled.

A further complication is that the error messages sent by the bank/card provider can vary from one provider to another.

Reasons for failure of a payment include:

  • There are insufficient funds in the account to cover the payment - your client needs to add more funds to the account. If there are insufficient funds in the account, the whole payment will fail.

  • The card has been lost or stolen and therefore canceled, and a new card has been issued - your client needs to delete the canceled card details in your client portal and add the new card.

  • The card has expired - you can check this in the client portal by navigating to the client in question, then clicking ORDERS, then "go to portal" towards the top right of the screen. Once in the portal, click "Settings", then "Manage here".​

  • The bank has put a stop on payments because they suspect a fraudulent transaction has occurred - the circumstances which cause this to happen range from actual fraud, or an unusual transaction has occurred on the card eg: an unprecedented purchase in a foreign country. Each bank/card provider has different rules as to what they regard as a potentially fraudulent transaction.

  • The bank do not allow payments out of the country of residence of the card holder (or, in some cases in the US, outside the State of residence of the card holder). This will usually occur on the first transaction for a client and can be resolved if the client contacts their card provider and gives instructions for payments to your business to be authorised.


In the event of failure of a payment, we recommend trying the following:

  • ask your client to contact their bank or credit card company to rectify the problem

  • ask your client to register another card and make it the default card. See Enter and Manage Credit or Debit Card details for more help on this.

  • if your client already has another card registered in the client portal, ask them to make it the default card. See Enter and Manage Credit or Debit Card details for more help on this.

  • ask your client to pay the amount due using another payment method, such as direct transfer to your bank account.