< FAQs < What Action should I take when Staff leave or are no longer available?


When one of your staff members – who has previously had any jobs scheduled to them in the past – leaves your employment, or is no longer available to have work scheduled tothem, you cannot delete their record.


You will need to make them INACTIVE so that they no longer appear in a variety of staff lists used around the system in reports, enquiries and scheduling.


However, as they still exist in the system, it is possible to inadvertently schedule work to them (particularly in a large pet sitting business) and this could have serious consequences. Any previously scheduled work, such as in Repeat Services, will also need to be reassigned. 


Therefore we suggest you undertake these additional processes to make their INACTIVE status more obvious BEFORE you actually make them inactive!


1. Actions to take BEFORE you make a staff member INACTIVE.


  • Navigate to ADMIN > STAFF > select the staff member's record.

  • Type the word "INACTIVE" in capital letters at the end of their “Staff Diary Ref” and also after their “Staff Last Name”. By doing this, if they are scheduled by mistake, their name will show up with INACTIVE in the schedule which should make them stand out.


2. Next, navigate to "Maintenance" from the sub-menu.


  • 1) If the staff member is a Primary Sitter for any clients, it will show here. Select "None (Delete all references to this primary sitter)" and then click "Replace".

  • 2) If the staff member is a member of any Sitter Teams, it will show here. Select "None (Delete all references to this member)" and then click "Replace".

  • 3) If the staff member is referenced by any Repeat Services, it will show here. Select an alternative sitter or "Unassigned" (see explanation below) and then click "Replace".

Note: Using "Unassigned" as a Sitter name


Many of the pet sitting businesses that use Pet Sitter Plus have created a sitter that is called "Unassigned". This option enables them to schedule work to the "Unassigned pet sitter" in the first instance while they decide who will perform the job or wait to hear if the sitter is available.


This can provide a useful function in your scheduling workflow, however, you must use caution that jobs are not left to the "Unassigned" sitter indefinitely, as visits or walks might be missed and that could have serious consequences.

3. Next, Navigate to DIARY & SCHEDULING and choose any date range.


  • Use "CTRL + F" to open the search function in Chrome or your browser.

  • Type "INACTIVE" into your search box, usually on the top right of your screen.


It will find any instance where you have inadvertently scheduled work to an INACTIVE staff member and this will be highlighted. You can then edit the job and re-assign to a current sitter.

4. Remove the staff member's User Access.


  • Navigate to ADMIN > USERS and check the box by the Staff Login that you wish to remove. If they have a Company Administrator login, check this box too.

  • Click "Delete Roles!"


If you are unsure about this procedure, read more about User Roles.


5. Finally you can make your staff member Inactive.


  • Navigate back to ADMIN > STAFF to the staff member's record.

  • Click on "Settings" from the sub menu, and the deselect "Active".

  • Click "Update".


Once you make a staff member inactive, they will be marked as "on vacation" from that date onwards so if there is any work scheduled to them for future dates, their name will appear in red in the schedule.


They will also appear in grey text in the Staff Members list, but can only be seen when the "Include inactive staff" box is checked.