< FAQs < I want to add a sundry credit to a client record so that their next service is discounted - How do I do this?



  • Click “Add New Service”.


Add a new service with


  • Short Description of “Credit” and

  • Long Description of “Sundry Credit” (or whatever you like).


Screen Shot - Adding a New Service.

Put your new service in your Admin group.


If you don't have an admin group, put it in the next most appropriate group


make a new “Admin” group by going to ADMIN > SERVICES > SERVICE ITEM GROUPS.


Screen Shot - Adding a New Service.

Under the “Advanced” tab.


Make sure that “Hide In Diary” is checked. This will prevent credits from appearing as services in the Diary & Schedule views.


Make sure that “Show in Portal” is unchecked, this will prevent clients from seeing your “credit” item in the list of options to order online.


Screen Shot - Adding a New Service.

Navigate to the client where you need to add a credit.


Create a new service order and click “Add Jobs”


Schedule a “Sundry Credit” for today (or whatever date you like) and click “Add Jobs”


Screen Shot - Adding your Credit.

Select the sundry credit on your service order and click “Edit Jobs”.


  • Enter the staff member that is most appropriate, this will usually be a business owner.

  • Enter the amount of the credit.

  • Enter a description of why the credit has been applied in the “Invoice Notes”.

  • Finally, click Update.


Screen Shot - Adding your Credit.

  • You now have a service order showing the credit you want to apply to the account.

  • This credit does not effect revenue (so there are no tax implications) until it is invoiced.

  • This credit will lower the value of your services recorded for the month (as it should do) , but it will not effect “invoiced” values until you invoice it.

  • Simply make sure any future services (to which the credit should be applied) are added to this order.


Screen Shot - Adding your Credit.