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Here are some instructions to assist you in adding a Pet Sitter Plus shortcut to your iPhone.


All the options in the Pet Sitter Plus interface for administrators and staff are available on both desktop and mobile, and have the same URL to login. It is designed to be browser independent, so will work on Chrome, Safari or Firefox without any issues. If you do experience any connection issues, please report it to Support.


Note: This method works in Safari, but in Chrome or Firefox you will need to add the URL to your favorites, bookmark it, or add it to your Top Sites. 


How do I add PSP to my iPhone?


  • Click on the link in your "log-in" email and your Pet Sitter Plus software will open up on your mobile phone.

  • Click the center icon at the bottom of the page - it looks like a box with an arrow pointing up out of it.


  • Scroll across and tap the option to "Add to Home Screen".

  • You will be asked to confirm the name of the shortcut, which you can abbreviate if you prefer.

  • Tap "Add".

  • You can now see the shortcut on your Home Screen.