< FAQs < I want to write an email to all my clients. How do I do that?


Step 1 - Configure SMTP

To send mass emails from Pet Sitter Plus you must first integrate your personal or business email account with Pet Sitter Plus using SMTP. To do this please read all the notes on SMTP in this section here.


Step 2 - Follow these instructions.


  • Click CLIENTS

  • With nothing in the search box, click the magnifying glass (to the right of the search box). This will give you a full list of your clients


Screen Shot - Adding a New Service.

Select All


  • Click the check box in the column heading on the left hand side of the results box.This will select all your active clients.

  • With all clients selected click the email button.


Screen Shot - Selecting All Clients.

Selecting a Template or Write from Scratch


Either select an existing email template of your can write an email from scratch.

Existing templates can be modified “on the fly” before sending.


Screen Shot - Choosing an Email Template