Pet Sitter Plus has a powerful reporting function that - for some clients - has the ability to offer a complete accounting and reporting solution on which to run their business. Consequently some do not operate a separate accounting solution at all. For instance, any accountant should be happy to use the revenue reports that are available from Pet Sitter Plus to generate a set of accounts. 


However, as your pet sitting business grows, you may find that there is functionality in an accounting system that becomes essential for the management of your larger business.


In the Reports section within Pet Sitter Plus, you can not display your receipts and revenue, but also a full Tax report for your Accountant (see example below). If you wish to use the purchase ledger function too, you can record all your purchases in the Expenses section, together with compiling an accurate report for paying your staff at the end of each week or month, plus a variety of other useful reports.


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Receipts Report >

You can view a list of receipts that have been logged into Pet Sitter Plus, either automatically via Stripe or manually.


Tax Report >

Use the Tax Report for accounting data to give you an accurate turnover between a particular date range.

Expenses >

If you wish, you can use Pet Sitter Plus to record any expenses or bills paid for your business.


Expenses Report >

This report details all the expenses entered during a particular date range.

Compensation Report >

When you apply staff compensation to your service items and/or use compensation conditions, you can use this report to tell you how much to pay your staff weekly or monthly.


Tips Report >

When clients add a tip to their account summary, you can view all tips added between a particular date range. You will also be able to amend any tip allocations to a particular sitter. This report should be used in conjunction with the Compensation Report in order to calculate the total pay for your staff.


Revenue Report >

Use this report to view the total revenue of all services that have been scheduled and appear in your diary between a particular date range. These services could be both quotes and invoices.


Vaccinations Report >

Use this report to view all pets with vaccinations due before a date you specify. The report will also show all pets that don't have a vaccination logged.


Stripe Report >

This report can be used to inform you which clients need a reminder that their card is about to expire.


New Clients Report >

Print out a list of all new clients during a particular date range that you specify.


SMTP Status Report >

If your SMTP is generating any errors or unusual activity, this will be reported here.


Exporting Reports to Spreadsheets >

How to export any report information to a spreadsheet such as MS Excel or Google Sheets.