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How do I view the Tax Report for Cash Received a day at a time?


  • Click "This Week"

  • To view the previous week(s) click the "<<" button

  • To view the next week(s) click the ">>" button

The Tax - Cash Received Report explained


  • Date - the date you run the report displays invoices paid on that day

  • Receipt Type - how your customer paid their invoice entered manually into Pet Sitter Plus, or automatically if received via Stripe

  • Details - the reference you enter in the "Details" field on the receipt, usually defaults to "Payment Received"

  • Client - your customer's Last Name, First Name. You can click on their name and you will be taken to the Client record. To get back to this report, click on "Show Report"

  • Ref - this is the diary ref as entered in the Client record, usually the pet name(s)

  • Invoice NO. - the invoice number raised automatically

  • Gross - the gross invoice amount 

  • Net - if you have a tax amount set, this figure will show the gross amount less the tax

  • Sales Tax - this shows the tax amount calculated at the percentage you have set in your Tax Settings

  • Rate (%) - shows the tax rate your have set in your Tax Settings