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Service item groups are used to group service items together so that service item group sub totals are available in the Schedule Stats report. For example, you might have 10 different service items for the various dog walking services you provide. If you apply the same service item group to each of these services, they will then appear sub totalled in the Schedule Stats Report


You can also choose to apply a Schedule Color to each service item in the group so they clearly look like they belong together in your Schedule.


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Adding a New Service Item Group >

How to create and add a new service item group. 


Adding Service Request or Service Cancel Time Constraints to Service Item Groups  >

Learn how to limit the time allowed for clients to request or cancel a service, and apply this by group.


Editing a Service Item Group >

If you have numbered your groups, you may wish to rename and reorder them, or you may wish to alter the time constraints applied. 


Applying a Service Item Group to a Service Item >

Each service item can belong to one group and here is how to apply that service to its group.