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Pet Sitter Plus contains a very powerful services module that enables you to create service Items can then be added to service orders as and when they are ordered by your clients.

Charge Conditions and Compensation Conditions

Using charge conditions and compensation conditions you can mirror your company's pricing rules so that your service orders are automatically priced correctly. The benefits of this are:

  • You need less services for your clients to choose from so the options are much clearer,

  • The rate increases/decreases are automatically applied to your services improving accuracy and reducing mistakes and forgotten changes,

  • Your staff are paid at the correct rate automatically so less mitakes. 

Most pet sitting companies have rules that;
a) govern their pricing policy and 
b) (if they are employers) govern the way they pay their staff. 

These rules can be created in the services module using charge conditions and compensation conditions. 

Once your charge conditions and compensation conditions have been created, your service orders will automatically be priced correctly and your staff commission reports will be calculated correctly first time round.


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Adding a New Service >

All you need to know to set up a new Service Item, including the essential short and long descriptions.


Service Attributes >

A detailed explanation of the standard service item attributes to help you select the right options, including how it will appear in the diary and which service item group it will belong to. 


Advanced Service Attributes >

You will need to set up some advanced attributes for your service items and these are explained here, including whether your services are shown to clients and staff, and how to set up time blocks.


Charge Conditions >

Charge conditions are user definable rules applied to services that automatically increase or decrease the charge price of a service according to set conditions.

Compensation Conditions >

Compensation conditions are user definable rules applied to services that automatically increase or decrease the amount of compensation paid to staff according to set conditions.

Deleting a Service Item >

This explains when you can delete a Service Item or alternatively make a service inactive.