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Compensation conditions are user definable rules applied to services that automatically increase or decrease the amount of compensation due to staff according to set conditions.


Standard Compensation vs. Compensation Conditions


Pet Sitter Plus provides employers with a means to pay staff by applying a standard compensation rate (or amount) for each service. The compensation amount can:

  • vary according to the type of service.

  • either be a fixed amount or a percentage of the charge rate.


For more information about applying standard compensation refer service attributes.


There are however, a variety of situations that can arise when you might want to override the standard compensation rate and pay a higher or a lower rate.


  • Many of these situations can be programmed into the system using compensation conditions.

  • Compensation conditions will automatically adjust the standard compensation rate to reflect your detailed compensation rules which means you make fewer manual adjustments to your compensation report. 


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How Compensation Conditions Work >

Learn about how compensations conditions are applied to your services and how, either singly or in different combinations, they affect the default compensation due to staff.

Adding a New Compensation Condition >

How to add compensation conditions to your services so that scheduled items are automatically compensated in accordance with your pricing policy. 


Editing a Compensation Condition >

You can make changes to your compensation conditions at any time.

Deleting a Compensation Condition >

You may find that a compensation condition is not functioning correctly so you need to delete it and start again.