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Charge conditions are user definable rules applied to services that automatically increase or decrease the charge price of a service according to set conditions.

Using charge conditions means that you create fewer services and so the system is easier to use. By creating charge conditions and applying them to the relevant service you can automatically cater for price variations that you have advertised in your pricing policy.


Once the charge conditions have been set up, you only ever need to alter them if you have a price increase, change your pricing policy, or offer a new service.


It will be beneficial when creating new service items that are similar, if your charge conditions are set up and tested to ensure they work correctly. You can then save time by duplicating a service item that already has a set of functioning charge conditions.


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How Charge Conditions Work >

Learn about how charge conditions are applied to your service items and how, either singly or in different combinations, they affect the default charge.

Adding a New Charge Condition >

How to add charge conditions to your services so that scheduled items are automatically charged in accordance with your pricing policy. 


Editing a Charge Condition >

You can make changes to your charge conditions at any time.

Deleting a Charge Condition >

You may find that a charge condition is not functioning correctly so you need to delete it and start again.